Aristotelis Bamias

Professor of Therapeutics-Internal Medicine-Oncology National & Kapodistrian University of Athens & Head of 2nd Propaedeutic Dept of Medicine, Medical School UoA, ATTIKON University Hospital

Aristotelis Bamias is Professor at the Medical School, University of Athens, Greece and Director of the 2nd Propaedeutic Dept of Internal Medicine, ATTIKON University Hospital. He studied Μedicine at the University of Athens and trained in Ιnternal Μedicine and Μedical Οncology in the UK where he obtained his PhD at the University of London. He is a founding member of the Hellenic Genito-Urinary Cancer Group (HGUCG). He is a member of the International Collaborative Consortia on GU Cancer, a member of the European Society of Μedical Οncology (ESMO) Faculty for Genitourinary Cancer since 2012 and he has been chairing this group since 2016. His main research focus is urogenital and gynaecological cancer. Prof Bamias has authored or co-authored more than 260 original papers and reviews in peer-reviewed journals including N Engl J Med, Lancet, Lancet Oncology and J Clin Oncol, with more than 11000 citations and a h-index of 52.