George Kapetanakis

Secretary of Executive Committee of Hellenic Cancer Federation (ELLOK)

His experience with haematological cancer in 2010 was the catalyst to get actively engaged in cancer policy advocacy through the Cancer Patient Association of Pieria, in which he is member of the board. Since 2013 he is a member and active volunteer of the Association of Bone Marrow Donation Volunteers, called “Orama Elpidas” on raising awareness for Bone Marrow Donation and promoting information on Bone Marrow transplantation, in order to create a sufficient tank of donators to address the needs of our country. From the beginning of his involvement with cancer patients Associations, he realized the importance of empowerment of cancer patients associations, and the importance of their participation as stakeholders in the cancer policy makers’ agenda. Since 2015 he is the Secretary of the Executive Committee       and after that, the Secretary of the Board of ELLOK. The last twenty years he is working as stock market broker in financial industry.