Grammatoglou Zoe

Member of Hellenic Cancer Federation- ELL.O.K. & President of the Hellenic Association of Cancer Patients K.E.F.I. of Athens

Zoe Grammatoglou was born and raised in Agoriani of Domokos and is a retired educator. She is married and has two daughters.

In 1993 she fell ill with breast cancer and that was the starting point for her volunteer work and offer.

In 2002 she was trained in the Red Cross as a volunteer of social welfare and later she becomes a volunteer at the hospital of “Agios Savvas”.

Since 2004 she is a founding member of the K.E.F.I. Association of Cancer Patients of Athens
and at the present she is the Chairman of the Board.

She emphasizes that all volunteers can and should be equitable interlocutors between the state and the representatives of our health system, about the planning on the one hand and the implementation of the cancer patients’ health care policies on the other.

To cover this need, she took the lead on the establishment of the body coordination of the cancer patients’ advocacy groups and the Hellenic Cancer Federation- ELL.O.K., in which she participates as Member of the BoD. ELL.O.K. is an umbrella organization for 30 cancer patients’ associations and works on the coordination, editing and collaborative claim of the cancer patients’ rights.