Hamdi Akan, Prof Dr.

MD, President, Turkish Clinical Research Association

Prof. Akan was born in Ankara in 1957 and graduated from Ankara College in 1974. He completed medical education in Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1980. He certified as a specialist in Internal Medicine in 1985 and in Hematology in 1991. He is working as a Professor of Hematology in Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. He was one of the founder members of Medical Informatics Society, Febrile Neutropenia Society and is the president of Turkish Clinical Research Association. He has various GCP certificates. After working part time for a brief period in a CRO, he became a member of the Central Ethical Committee in MoH and now is an ethical committee member in Başkent University. He is also the editor of the GCP Journal in Turkey and published several books on Clinical Trials. He is responsible for a distance clinical research learning program (www.kaduzem.org).
He is the head of the Clinical Trials Unit in Ankara University Medical School Department of Hematology and working as a primary investigator in clinical trials organized by groups such as EORTC, EBMT and pharma companies. He is board member of Education Committee of European Hematology Association (EHA) and an executive member of European Board for Accreditation in Hematology (EBAH). His main area of interest is infections in cancer patients. He also has more than 90 papers in International Medical Journals.